08 NOV 16:00 - 08 NOV 17:30


¿Y después de la primera película qué?

Juan Diego Escobar Alzate, director and screenwriter, will explain his experience currently trying to build the project for his second feature film “El arcoiris negro” and will do so by comparing it with everything he learned at the level of successes and errors after managing to make and premiere his debut film ” Luz: the flower of evil “.

07 NOV 18:30 - 07 NOV 19:45


Producir y consumir contenido vr360º: presente y futuro

Montse Puértolas from Kataclack, one of the pioneers in Spain in the creation of VR360º content, will explain the possibilities of the format, the point where this technology is, and will give us clues about what we can expect from it in the future.

09 NOV 18:00 - 09 NOV 20:00


Round table: "Gènere al gènere"

Dones Visuals continues its collaboration with Molins Horror Film Festival within the transversal project “Gènere al gènere”. Next November 9 at 6pm. we will hold a round table with professionals from the cinematographic medium that will discuss the situation of equity that we live in genre cinema and specifically horror. Are stereotypes been perpetuated? What representativeness does exists? Are there new looks? What are the possible lines of action? These and more questions will be included in a talk that will be offered online at our Terrormolins TV channel and that will be open to public participation.<br> Talkers: Ainhoa Bolaños Alonso, Edna Campos, Tanu Distribución, Mireia Noguera.

18 NOV 20:00 - 18 NOV 21:30


Talk: Éric Falardeau's glimpse

A talk with the filmmaker Éric Falardeau (Thanatomorphose, 2012) moderated by José Miguel Rodríguez, responsible for godsymonsters.com. The program will include the viewing of a selection of his best short films: La petite mort (2006), Purgatory (2006), The Forest (2020), Le Cycle (2009), Crépuscule (2011) and Thanatomorphose Trailers (2012).