Years eighties, Bolivia is recovering from the military dictatorships, Franco is a boy who begins a friendship with a strange man that his mother has locked in the basement, motivated by the idea that he is his father tries to free him discovering truths that are beyond his understanding.

Festivals, awards and nominations

8º The Americas Film Festival
Estado Unidos/ New York, Connecticut y New Jersey
World Premiere - Americas Best Fiction Short Film (Premio principal del festival).

44ª Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche.
Premier Europea - Categoría autor novel.

43ª Semana de cine de Lugo
España / Lugo

40ª Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei
España / Cataluña - Seccion Globus

6º Burrien Film Festival
Estados Unidos / Washington D.C. - Best Art Director.

12ª Cinefantasy
Brasil / Sao Paulo
Premier latinoamericana

7º Festival internacional de cine de Guayaquil.
Ecuador / Guayaquil

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Marcelo Landaeta
Victoria Suaznabar Freddy Chipana Salvador Mercado

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