A group of angel-like creatures lives in perfect symbiosis with their environment. When a man and a woman break into their boring and regulated world, their lives are shattered forever.

Festivals, awards and nominations

FanTasia 2011: Mention of the animation jury for "Audacity and representation of sexuality in animated cinema"

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Éric Falardeau
Miguel Doucet, Marie-Hélène Gosselin
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Éric Falardeau

Éric Falardeau is a writer and filmmaker. He wrote and directed many short films, music videos, the cult horror feature Thanatomorphose (2012), which has won him several awards in international film festivals (31th Molins Film Festival Best Film), and the porn-horror movie The Thing from the Lake (2019).


Asmodeus (2021), The Thing From the Lake (2019), Élégie Nocturne (2015), Thanatomorphose (2012), Crépuscule (2011), Le Cycle (2009), Coming Home (2008), Purgatory (2006), La petite mort (2006)


ScreenwriterÉric Falardeau
ProducerCédric Bourdeau, Éric Falardeau
ComposerCharles Maheu
EditorÉric Falardeau


International sales agentLes Films du 3 Mars

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A car slowly emerges from the deep dark night. Midnight approaches. The silhouette of a man appears at the road’s border and another car suddenly bursts out of the night…

A hellish descent into a man’s inner purgatory.

In 1954, with an already promising track record on stage, Helga Liné debuted in Spain's theatre scene. From the 60s and on the German actress lived a blooming career on cinema. Peplum, thriller, comedy, spaghetti western, eurospy, adventure… no genre would avoid her, and due to her contribution to fantastique and horror movies, she became La Dama del Fantaterror.