Virtual Gathering: Ç-Trencada finalists

Online meeting with the authors and crew of the finalist works of the Ç-Trencada Competitive Section of the Festival. An enriching experience for anyone who loves film and a unique opportunity in which the short filmmakers will present their work and share their experiences, challenges, anecdotes and much more. We will avoid spoilers!
The virtual meeting will be open to the public.

Adrián Carande, Pepe Rico, Paula Sánchez Álvarez

Adrián Carande, Pepe Rico and Paula Sanchez Alvarez are three friend that do a bunch of things separately: working on catalan TV (APM?), in film festivals (Animac, b’Ars), developing films and TV series that sometimes get made (Yrreal) and sometimes don't (most of them)… but, most of all, they write. And now they even direct! Joining forces with their talented buds, this trio has abandoned the safety of their text processors to bring you something that hopefully will make you laugh.


Paula Sánchez Álvarez: script for “Yrreal” and “Llámalo X” / Pepe Rico: script for “APM?” and "Tus Muertos" (Fasten Films) / Adrián Carande: script and animation in “Fora de Lloc”.

Maélie Jaffrin & Maria Olivé

Maélie Jaffrin and Maria Olivé are graduates in Audiovisual Communication, and they created the short film together with other classmates. They share their passion for cinema, although they have different preferences in terms of styles and tastes. Maélie is interested in everyday life and the human condition, while Maria is drawn to science fiction and noir horror. "Efémeras" is the first professional project they have directed, although they have continued to develop in the world of filmmaking.


Maélie Jaffrin: Efímeros (2021), Te quieros (2021), Efémeras (2022), Noches de serendipia (2023), Arranca (2023). Maria Olivé: Entre dos pols (2021) Desolats (2021,) Efémeras (2022)

Roger Cadavieco

Roger Cadavieco is a director and screenwriter born in Barcelona in 1979. After graduating in audiovisual communication, he began writing scripts for television and later went behind the cameras to film advertising spots. In 2015 he created the advertising production company El Cable Rojo, focusing on doing what he likes most: telling stories.


La fotografía (2023)

Manel F. Gonda

Manel F. Gonda is a film student at ESCAC. After graduating from the school, he has created numerous short films of his own and collaborated on external projects. He has also worked with renowned professors and won awards at festivals. Currently, he is preparing his next short film for March 2024 as part of his Master's in Directing.


Entre Los Otros (2023).

Alberto Evangelio

Director, screenwriter and producer of the movie “Visitante (Visitor)” (2022), distributed by Filmax, premiered in the Official Fantastic Competition in Sitges Film Festival and nominated for Best Picture in Premios Gaudí. His shorts have received more than 200 recognitions. These last months have directed several chapters of the series "L'ALQUERIA BLANCA" for À Punt Mèdia. His last two shorts ("EXCHANGE" and "THE ACCOMPLICES") will participate in Sitges Film Festival and Terrormolins.


- Los Cómplices (2023, shortfilm) - Intercanvi (2023, shortfilm) - Visitante (2021, feature film) - Diumenge paella (2019, series) - Casa (2019, shortfilm) - La Cruz (2012, shortfilm)

Diego Collado Castells

I am a 23-year old director and writer from Barcelona, currently living in London, UK. After my experience working as assistant editor in Spain, I studied Classics at University College London. There, I joined the UCL Film & TV Society, of which I was president for two years and where I oversaw and co-produced many different narrative projects, as well as restarted 16mm film production. Professionally, I have been working at the Japanese Public Broadcaster (NHK)'s European branch in London.


- A Flight of Fancy (2023) - The Holy Yield (2023) - Violet (2020) - El mar (2017) - Barcelona Against Drink-Driving (2016)

Ian Garrucho

Ian Garrucho is currently studying 2nd Degree in Cinematography at ESCAC. He has directed short films such as " Witness" (2022), "Dog" (2023), "Flower in oblivion" (2023) and previously "The mop"(2021), which was selected in the fiction section of the Muestra Audiovisual JOSEP MAIXENCHS and at the FESTIVAL DE TERROR DE MOLINS DE REI in the section Ç trencada, where it was screened. From 2019 to 2021 he made his audiovisual project Sofás Verdes in which he made 3 video clips.


- The Mop (2021) - Witness (2023) - Dog (2023) - La flor en el olvido (2023)

Carles Martinez Agenjo

Carles Martinez Agenjo is a film critic rather than a director. He has been working for movie magazines such as Scifiworld and radio programs as Va de Cine. He also has been involved in some book publications: El universo de Gene Tierney (Notorious) and La naturaleza se rebela (Hermenaute). After a lot of consideration, Carles decided to make a leap into filmmaking and direct a short film that confesses its concern for terror.


Opera prima "Hold"