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Paloquemao: the vampire market

Pedro is one of the vampires of underdevelopment who works amidst aisles full of garlic, fruits, herbs, and crucifixes in the Paloquemao Market. However, on May 28, 2016, when the largest blood trafficking network in Bogotá is dismantled, his dealer Harbey escapes and takes refuge in the market, threatening his relationship with Angie, the girl he is in love with.

Festivals, awards and nominations

20° Bogotá Short Film Festival BOGOSHORTS - December, 2022 (Colombia) - Awards: Best direction and Best art direction
21° Macabro - Mexico City International Horror Film Festival - October, 2023 (Mexico) - Awards: Best International Short Film.
Short Film Market Picks” in Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market - January, 2022 (France)
28° Lund Fantastic Film Festival - October, 2022 (Sweden)
20° London Short Film Festival - January, 2023 (UK)
5th Iberoamerican Film Festival Miami - January, 2023 (USA)
13th Meme Pas Peur - February, 2023 (France)
43° Porto International Film Festival Fantasporto - February, 2023 (Portugal)
37° International Film Festival Friborg - March, 2023 (Switzerland)
16th Glasgow Short Film Festival - March, 2023 (Scotland)
27° Regard Saguenay International Short Film Festival - March, 2023 (Canada)
23rd Screamfest - October, 2023 (USA)
8th Jardín Film Festival - September, 2023 (Colombia)
6º SANTIAGO HORROR - October, 2023 (Chile)

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Jeferson Cardoza Herrera
Leidy Natalia Morales Yepes, Harvey Zamudio, Pedro Antonio Gacharná Ayala
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Picture of Jeferson Cardoza Herrera

Jeferson Cardoza Herrera

Founder of the film production company La Banda del Sur Films, with which he produced and directed the genre shorts Veintiocho de mayo and Paloquemao. The latter won two awards at the 20th Bogotá Short Film Festival BOGOSHORTS and has been selected for festivals such as the 43rd Fantasporto and 27th Regard. He was selected as director at the 16th Berlinale Talents Buenos Aires (2021) and as BAMMER at the 8th edition of the BAM Bogotá Audiovisual Market (2017).


2017 Veintiocho de Mayo Short Film, Screenwriter, Director and co-producer. 2018 Malicia Indígena, Short Film, Producer. 2022 Paloquemao, Short Film, Screenwriter and Director.


ScreenwriterJeferson Cardoza Herrera, Melisa Zapata Montoya
ProductionLa Banda del Sur Films / Melisa Zapata Montoya
MusicDaniel Correa Ulloa
EditionRafael Pérez Mantilla


International sales agentLa Banda del Sur Films -

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