A young woman turns on the tv to watch her favourite Korean romantic drama but realizes to her horror that she may be the one being watched. *Available online from November 3

Festivals, awards and nominations

-Tampere Film Festival 2023
-Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2023
-Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg 2023
(Among others)

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Mai Nakanishi
Juhee Lee, Wanmin Chae
country of origin
Korea, Republic of, Japan
production year
Picture of Mai Nakanishi

Mai Nakanishi

Born in Tokyo but spent most of her youth abroad, Nakanishi is a filmmaker whose work focuses on genre films with particular emphasis on social horror. Her directing work includes “HANA”, a supernatural horror, shot in South Korea, and "SWALLOW", a female-driven, food-infused body horror shot in Taiwan. Through filmmaking, she hopes to explore sociocultural fears and anxieties lurking in daily life and expand the spectrum of genre films. She's currently developing her first feature length film.


"HANA" (2018/ South Korea-Japan/13:00) "SWALLOW" (2021 / Taiwan-Japan / 23:00) "BORDER" (2023 / South Korea-Japan / 6:00)


ScreenwriterMai Nakanishi
ProductionJungwoo Lee, Mai Nakanishi
MusicChae-young Yoon
EditionMai Nakanishi


International sales agentHanafilms

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