A father takes his son on a deer hunt, in the attempt to recconect with the boy. However, their intrusion disturbs the balance of the forest, and awakens its female spirit.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Best Cinematography - DOP: Flora Fecske - 50th Gramado Film Festival (Brazil, August/22)

FEST - New directors, new films (Portugal, June/22)
50th Gramado Film Festival (Brazil, August/22)
15th Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival - Official Selection (France, September/22)
41th Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei - Secció Globus (Spain, November/22)

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Gabriel Motta
Raul Ionescu, Zsolt Trill, Athina Papadimitriu, Nóra Trokán
country of origin
Brazil, Hungary
production year
Picture of Gabriel Motta

Gabriel Motta

Gabriel Motta is a director, screenwriter and editor from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He is know for his short-films “Budapest_v4_FINAL2″(Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival 2019, Bogoshorts 2019), “Two Men by the Sea” (San Francisco Frameline 2020, New York New Fest LGBTQI+ Film Festival 2021) and "The Embrace" (Fest - New directors, new films 2022, 50th Gramado Film Festival - Best Cinematography award, Strasbourg Fantastic FF - Official Selection).


The Embrace (short-film, 2022) Via Pública (mini-series, 2021) Two Men by the Sea (short-film, 2020) Budapest_v4_FINAL2 (short-film, 2019) We, the Mountain (short-film, 2018)


ScreenwriterGabriel Motta, Guilherme Somensato, Márcio-André de Sousa Haz
ProductionGabriel Motta
MusicJonts Ferreira
EditionGabriel Motta


Sales agentGabriel Motta

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