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A thief who is burglarizing gets surprised by the host and commits a brutal murder. He runs away but realizes that something is following him.

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Ata Mojabi
Ebrahim Azizi, Susan Maqsudlu, 500 Baby Chickens (In The Role Of Themselves)
country of origin
Iran, Islamic Republic of, Italy
production year
No dialogue
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Ata Mojabi

Born in Tehran, Ata Mojabi is one of Iran's most talented and appreciated up-and-coming directors and screenwriters. He graduated with a MA in Screenwriting and currently cooperates with the Iranian Youth Cinema Society (IYCS) as an expert. He debuted as a director with his first short film SWEAR BY THE NIGHT (2003) at the age of 16, which was selected to the 25th Tehran ISFF, while his short film SineCide or No One Believes Me But The Police Are Chasing The Wrong Man (2019) premiered at the 45th Seattle International Film Festival. Ata is presenting his newest short PsyChicken in 2023. Currently, he is also developing his first feature film THE BLINDER.


Swear By The Night (2003 - Short) Comma (2008- Short) Precipitation on a half-open mouth (2009- Short) The Hole (2017 - Short) The Man Who Wasn’t Here (2017 - Short) SineCide or No One Believes Me But The Police Are Chasing The Wrong Man (2019- Short) PsyChicken (2023- Short)


ScreenwriterAta Mojabi
ProductionInsolita film, Mogh Pictures, Vodio
MusicArmando Bagalà
EditionHamid Najafirad


International sales agentSayonara Film

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