Abnormal Prime Time

In a society where everyone changes day and night to adapt to a new climate catastrophe characterized by extreme ultraviolet rays, Inkyung, who lives with her older sister at work, works part-time as a home insurance advisor during the day when everyone else is asleep.
No matter how many times she changes TV channels, In-Kyung, in the middle of the day, working on a boring broadcast that only shows people going out, gets a call from her sister, who she thought was sleeping in her room. She searches for her sister at home, but in her small two-bedroom villa, her sister is nowhere to be seen. When the bewildered In-Kyung cannot resist her sister's insistence, she grabs her protective suit and prepares to leave her house, when suddenly a strange older sister appears in her house.
Unlike her sister on phone calls, she convinces In-Kyung to stay at home. Feeling alienated by her older sister's attitude, In-Kyung, who fled the noontime outdoors with her naked body, no longer stays in the shade, but opts to go out into direct sunlight, whatever the outcome.

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Festivals, awards and nominations

Minikino Bali International Short Film 2022, International Thai Film Festival 2022

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Sinn Kirin
Kim In-kyung, Kim jean
country of origin
Korea, Republic of
production year
Picture of Sinn Kirin

Sinn Kirin

The first short, <O Ki-in's Sin, Misattribution>, won the 4th Chungmuro Short Film Festival Jury Grand Prize and the 14th Youth Film Festival Bronze Prize and was nominated at the 10th Jeju International Film Festival and the 15th Gwangju International Film Festival. <Abnormal Prime Time> produced in 2021 after being selected for the KOCCA production support work, and was officially selected for the Minikino Bali International Film Festival and the International Thai Film Festival in 2022.


O Ki-in’s Sin, misattribution ( 10mins, South Korea, 2014 )


ScreenwriterSinn Kirin
ProductionXin Oha
EditionSinn Kirin

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