A psychological horror about a novice nun who develops a severe skin condition which continues to worsen along with her mental state as she struggles with her feelings for another nun.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Fantastic Fest (USA)
Florida Film Festival (USA)
DeadCenter Film Festival (USA)
Arrow Video FrightFest (UK)
Cambridge Film Festival (UK)
Underwire Film Festival (UK) - Nomination for Best Editing
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium)

Macabro Mexico City International Horror Film Festival (Mexico)
Grrl Haus Cinema 'Best of 2021' (Germany)
Final Girls Berlin Film Festival (Germany)
British Shorts Film Festival (Germany)
Kinemastic International Short Film Festival (Malta) - Won Audience Award
Malta Indie Shorts (Malta)
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (USA) - Nominations for Best Dramatic Short & Best Actress
Renegade Film Festival (USA) - Nominations for Best Cinematography & Best 'Catharsis' Film
FilmQuest (USA) - Nominations for Best Student Short &Minerva Award (Female Filmmaker)
Overlook Film Festival (USA)
Ax Wound Film Festival (USA)
New York Shorts International Film Festival (USA)
LA Femme International Film Festival (USA)
Shockfest (USA)

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Susannah Farrugia
Alexandra Dowling - Sister Agatha Loren O'Dair - Sister Jude Shenagh Govan - Mother Superior Christopher Saul - Father Paul
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Susannah Farrugia

A newcomer to the industry, she is a Maltese filmmaker who is currently based in London. “ITCH” is her directorial debut. She was also its executive producer, editor, and production designer


Itch (2021, Short)


Screenwriter Susannah Farrugia
ProductionCatherine Colbourne
Edition Susannah Farrugia


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