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An irresponsible young couple got a possessed doll by accident, the doll quickly turns into an extremely high maintenance baby overnight. The couple must learn to care for this newly born before it wreaks havoc on their lives.

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Jack HSU
Kiwi WANG, Ting-yu LIN
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Jack HSU

Born and raised in Chiayi Taiwan, except a few years living abroad during childhood, later studied film at SHU. Acquired the capability of getting the most out of limited time and budget while working as a first AD before becoming a fulltime director. Combining global perspectives with experiences from multiple major productions, an entirely out of the box creativity and unique narration was moulded.


ScreenwriterDio WANG, Jack HSU
ProductionUilin ONG
MusicYi-chun TSAI
Edition7ucky XIE


Sales agentThe Graduate Co., Ltd
International sales agentThe Graduate Co., Ltd

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